Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Baseless Allegations

By now everyone has probably heard about George W. Bush's unfortunate bicycle mishap (and possibly John Kerry's, 'Did the training wheels fall off?' comment). However, I think there are some holes in the official story that suggest that the Administration is once again trying to hide the truth from the public. As Kos as pointed out, the explanation the White House gave for the incident seems unlikely. It was said that it was "raining a lot and the topsoil [was] loose" when Bush had his accident, but it had not rained in days. Unless third parties not affiliated with Bush, the White House or the GOP come forward, I plan on sticking by own theory: It wasn't the training wheels that fell of the bike, but rather it was George W. Bush who fell off the wagon. In his past, President Bush partied a bit too much. He now claims to have left that all behind and been sober for years. Now with a tough re-election campaign before him and mounting troubles in Iraq, I think he's lost his resolve. I suspect that last weekend's "biking accident" was actually the result of a wild behavior or carelessness due excessive drinking.

Then again I could be wrong, in which case, I am just glad this isn't Brazil.

On a related note, Hesiod doesn't think Bush is really 6 feet tall.


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