Monday, March 29, 2004

Not a Bad Idea

Usually, I find Mickey Kaus (the "liberal" who seems to be infected with the sort of contrarianism that is hard to distinguish from a creeping conservatism) a bit annoying, but I think he hit upon a good idea here:

Whether you buy the "Bush could have prevented 9/11" argument or not (I'm skeptical) think how effectively John Edwards could present it. Isn't that essentially the job of a plaintiff's lawyer--to convince a jury something bad and seemingly unpredictable could in fact have been prevented if only the defendant had been on the ball? Edwards was obviously very good at doing this. ...
P.S.: Why doesn't Kerry appoint Edwards a sort of Democratic special prosecutor to make the Clarke case around the country? It would give Edwards something useful to do but keep him in a box.

A lot of liberal bloggers have been saying that Kerry needs more surrogates, a kind of shadow cabinet, to go out and spread the good word and I agree. With more big-names out there, the Democrats will be better able to control the news cycle and respond to the Republicans. Hopefully, the Kerry campaign will do more of this in the near future.


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