Monday, March 29, 2004

Kerry's Economic Policy Proposals

I think John Kerry's "Plan to Fight for America's Economic Future" can only be described as breathtakingly unremarkable. Do not get me wrong, I think it is excellent next to what the other side has to offer, but Kerry's proposal is really not inspirational. I suspect most of it will not survive his first days in office. Clinton stimulus package (yes, package, Bill Maher, that's your cue) did not go anywhere and his approach to the economy changed completely once he was President. Often these plans are driven by campaign calculations and Kerry's program is likely to be no exception. His focus on corporate income tax reform as a way of trying to reign in outsourcing seem hastily tacked on and meant only to compliment the protectionist rhetoric he more or less lifted from John Edwards' stump speech. Given the quality of certain parts of his agenda, it would be best if Kerry started from scratch if he's elected.

For the record I don't understand what John Kerry is doing fooling around with domestic policy at this time. Kerry leads Bush on the economy, the budget, almost any domestic issue. The big problem for the Democrats as everyone from Josh Marshall to Bob Novak knows is with defense and national security issues. It is crucial that Kerry start attacking this now while there is still time to alter public opinion. Since the start of this year, the administration has been taking quite a beating on this front from David Kay's testimony to the whole Richard Clarke affair and it would be a good idea to capitalize on it.


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