Friday, March 19, 2004

Compassionate Conservatism 2004

Libertarians and conservatives have been pulling their hair out over skyrocketing federal spending and the growing budget deficit that the Bush Administration has overseen. However, things might not be that bad after all. These worried Republicans can take solace in the fact that though the size of government has increased, very little of that money is going to poor people, which is what really matters. Salt of the Earth has a run down of the good news:

According to the CBPP (Center for Budget and Policy Priorities), by 2009 funding for non-entitlement programs in areas such as national resources and the environment, veterans' health benefits, health, and agriculture would be 10 percent to 20 percent below the 2004 funding levels, adjusted for inflation. Transportation programs, as well as education, training, and social services programs, would be cut by 7 to 8 percent over this period.

Yep, that George W. is just all heart. Maybe voodoo economics, the magic of the market place and the armies of compassion can rescue those left behind. It is for the best anyhow, those government programs were probably just destroying those souls of their beneficiaries.


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