Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Via the AP:President Bush will privately answer all questions raised by a federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, the White House said Tuesday, apparently dropping a one-hour limit on the president's testimony.

The shift came on the heels of accusations by presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry that Bush was "stonewalling" investigations of the terrorist attacks and U.S. intelligence failures.

Bush had agreed to meet privately for an hour with the chairman and vice chairman of the commission, but said it was unnecessary for him to testify publicly. Cheney also has said he would meet with some commissioners.

McClellan indicated the one-hour limit had been dropped. "He's going to answer all the questions they want to raise," he said repeatedly, without raising the time restriction.

First he was against the 9-11 commission, then he was for it, but put Henry Kissinger in charge and then Kissinger withdrew. After that he wouldn't talk with the commission, then he would talk with only a one hour time limit and now after getting a beating from the Democrats and the press, will he actually answer all of the its questions. Not only is the flip-flopping itself politically stupid, but how did Bush and his advisors really think he'd get away with not taking the investigation seriously? At some point they should have none the President would have to answer some questions about 9-11 and they had to throw many obstacles in the way that he now has to do it during an election year. Definetly not slick by any measure. Bush's appearance will probably hurt his chances or re-election. If he couldn't handle a master soft-ball interviewer like Tim Russert, how will he manage Senate Democrats eager to destroy him?


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