Wednesday, March 10, 2004

No Big Bill-Little Mike Showdown

Clinton Will Not Run For Mayor
Said Clinton: "I'd love to be mayor of New York, it's probably the second-best job in America, but there are lots of good people who want to be mayor of New York, and they should have their chance."

"Clinton is also trying to finish his memoirs... A Clinton representative, Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, said Tuesday that they hope to publish the book this year."

Finishing your memoirs instead of running the second largest city in the country (Clinton would have certainly crushed the underrated and much berated Mayor Bloomberg and his political muscle so awesome he'd coast through the primaries, so its safe to assume if he wanted to he would be mayor)? That's a pretty lame way to use your time, then again, if you have been President of the United States, I suppose everything else seems very low rent in comparison.


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