Sunday, February 29, 2004

Things Don't Look So Good For Edwards

An American Research Group poll has Edwards trailing John Kerry by a few points in some of the Southern Super Tuesday states and a Field Poll has John Edwards far behind Kerry in New York and Ohio. It seems like Edwards might recieve a serious drubbing on Tuesday, though like every candidate that looks like he's in trouble, he has vowed to fight on even if he loses in the upcoming primaries. I suspect that this is not the case, that if he loses badly enough on Tuesday Edwards will just throw in the towel. Even if Edwards does decide to keep going, which is possible since his political career might very well be over after all this, his chances of winning the nomination would be pretty much destroyed it would seem.

Source for Polling Data: Knight Ridder

Update: Another reason why Edwards should be our nominee and President: He appears to support substansive campaign finance reform. He doesn't just want to limit certain kinds of fundraising, but is willing to strike at the root of the problem, the high cost of campaigning, by requiring TV stations to provide federal candidates with free air time and beefing up the public finance system.


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