Thursday, February 19, 2004

Nail In the Coffin

As I mentioned early on the blog, conservatives have been trashing Kerry for his anti-war activities following his return from Vietnam. Specifically, many have either tried to say he attacked the soldiers that served in the war in his congressional testimony (a charge was torn apart by the B of P and more reputable new outlets) and dishonored them by associating with Jane Fonda. Well, now Counterspin Central has effectively destroyed the Fonda related claims. As Hesiod writes on in this post:

Jane Fonda made her infamous trip to Hanoi in 1972.

John Kerry LEFT Vietnam Veterans Against the War by the end of 1971 to run for Congress.

In other words, Kerry was no longer active in the anti-war movement by the time Fonda went nuts and took a flight to Hanoi. So, if he appeared at an anti-war rally with her in 1970, who gives a fuck? What relevance does that have to what she did two years later? How does that, in any way, suggest that Kerry endorsed or condoned her actions in 1972?

That's like saying someone who went to a dinner party with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1961 where he expressed strong anti-Kennedy political views, either condoned or endorsed Oswald's assassination of John F. Kennedy two years later!

In fact, Kerry expressed strong disagreement with what Jane Fonda did AT THE TIME SHE DID IT.

It is strange that such an important fact could have been hiding in plain sight for so long.


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