Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hitchens likes Edwards

From his latest article in Slate:

A couple of years ago I wrote a profile of Sen. John Edwards for Vanity Fair and decided that he is a good man who is in politics for good reasons. He voted for the essential measures on Iraq, but has also made some trenchant criticisms of the Homeland Security farce. I'd add to this that he has since—unlike Joseph Lieberman, say—given up his very promising Senate career in order to run. I leave to you the calculations about his Southern roots, his trial-lawyer connections, and all the rest of it, except to say that he earned his money from fighting large and negligent corporations rather than from fawning on them.

This was the only Democrat running for President Christopher Hitchens didn't brutalize his his "Fighting Words" column. Then again, a lot of his criticims were just completely unfair and way over the top. For example, he wrote the below nonsens about Howard Dean:

Think of all the money he raised and squandered: It would have been far better spent donated to the reconstruction of Iraq. His entire campaign was, to borrow one of his sillier slogans, a distraction from the hunt for al-Qaida.


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