Friday, January 16, 2004

Another Reason Not to Like Lieberman

Yesterday, Matt Drugde put out a "world exclusive"* news item about Clark's congressional testimony in 2002 on Iraq, which "proved" Clark had supported the war. Of course, this claim is only proved Clark was pro-war if you take out the his anti-war comments and ad sentences that weren't even there in the first place. I expect every huh-huh conservative out there to take this sort of nonsense seriously and repeat it whenever possible. However, it is disappointing (did I say disappointing, because I meant ENRAGING) to see Joe Lieberman spread these baseless smears, too. By peddling this trash, Lieberman has done the Right a tremendous favor. Now this stupid story can be kept alive even longer and the original allegation has a lot more credibility, because it isn't coming from some jerk with a web site, but a United States Senator and a Democrat to boot. Seeing as how this whole (idiotic) charge of inconsitency on Iraq will probably dog Clark for the entire campaign, it is easy to envision Lieberman's recitation of Drudge's claim appearing on a Bush attack ad in the fall, if Clark gets the nomination, of course. Next thing you know, Lieberman will be calling Dean a "unilateralist hawk". Anyway, nice work there, Joe. I'm sure you and Zell Miller most have some swinging times together.

Source: TPM


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