Thursday, March 03, 2005

Annoying People

"Jane Galt" identifies another irritating prostlyizer: the evangelical atheist. In a post yesterday, she wrote:

Anyone who's lived in a Blue State has probably encountered the problem of the Evangelical Atheist . . . the person who has discovered the Void and considers it their bounden duty to share their newfound joy with everyone around them, through force if necessary. Having lived in the born again Christian wing of my freshman dorm, I find that EA's, not fundamentalists, seem to be the undisputed champions of arrogant, intolerant, pig-headed religious boorishness. The fundamentalists who so earnestly tried to bring me into the fold were, after all, just trying to save me from an awful eternity in hell. The EA's are trying to save people from wasting two hours on Sunday morning. And no fundamentalist I've ever met has ever been so thoroughly oblivious to the possibility that they might be wrong.

The evangelical atheists truly are more annoying than evangelical Christians. The evangelical atheists do have one redeeming quality: they are relatively harmless. If they had their way than at worst we would have a pledge of allegiance that was shorter by a few words and a line no one ever reads removed from our currency. The same can not be said for the fundementalists, whose program is actually quite noxious, particulary with regards to non-symbolic issues like gay rights, foreign policy and book learnin'.


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