Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Book Learning

Politicalwire reports:
In their latest strategy memo, James Carville and Stan Greenberg say "the big story in this election is the Education Gap, which is greatly impacting who are the targets in the coming week, and will impact and be the story of the election afterwards...the Education Gap has expanded significantly, and is now slightly larger than the division along gender lines."

"In 2000, there was only a 2-point education gap, with Gore and Bush running dead even among college graduates and Bush winning by just 2 points among the non-college educated voters. The result was a 2-point education gap. But not so in 2004. Today, there is now a 12-point education gap. Kerry is winning college educated voters by 10 points but losing the non-college graduates by 2 points.

I guess David Horowitz was right all along about Colleges and Universities (especially mine) being breeding grounds for anti-Americanism.


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