Saturday, May 15, 2004

Blogging's Lame Cousin

Blogging is in the world of journalism, a rather poorly regarded activity. Blogs and bloggers usually don't create original content or provided their readers with new information (there are some exceptions, Blogstar Josh Marshall for example went to New Hampshire to report on the Democratic primary), but rather restate, analyze and ponfticate on new gathered by actual news organizations. This is not to say that blogging serves no purpose, only that it does not serve a very important one. The Week Magazine is a lot like weblog that is printed on paper. The Week, like a weblog, mainly recycles information from other sources, with articles about articles that have appeared in other magazines and newspapers. Except unlike a weblog, the information is already a week old...and you have to pay for it. This might be justifiable if the The Week was really insightful and interesting, but it isn't, it is merely a way to very effectively seperate fools from their money.


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