Monday, February 23, 2004

PETA Is Stupid

Sorry PETA, the name sticks
The town of Slaughterville won't change its name, no matter what animal-rights activists think. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals proposed that the town, south of Norman in Cleveland County, change its name to Veggieville.

Now, I don't identify with PETA's goals, but was this really the best way of advancing the cause of animal rights, by harassing a town called Slaughterville? It wasn't like the town's name was somehow directly harming animals. There was absolutely no way Slaughterville or any self-respecting municipality would change its name to Veggieville. There effort was a complete waste and any activist group that can't think of a better use of its time ought to disband immediately and its members ought to be punished severly.

Oh yes and for the record, I wish my town had a name as cool as "Slaughterville". Maybe I'll bring it up at the next meeting of the village board. Man, when I tell people I come from "Killton" or "Deathberg" I am sure they'll respect me at long last.


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