Monday, January 03, 2005

In Westchester NY, of all places.

Everyone talks about swing states, but for the most part we ignored the “swing districts” in 2004. The presidential election was just too exciting for us to take our eyes off it.

I never thought that my absentee ballot would cast a vote in one of the closest and hardest fought elections of the year. I also never would have guessed that the election for state Senate would be the closest on my ballot. I remember going to Albany for a certain LWV essay contest and being told that sitting members of the state legislature are more likely to be indicted than defeated in an election. Despite gerrymandering up the wazoo, things just seemed to fall apart for republicans in the State Senate. They lost several seats, and possibly another if Stewart-Cousins can close the 58 vote gap in court. Spano, like certain other politicians, chose to challenge every likely democratic vote he could. It’s a sad state when vote fishing involves convincing judges, not the citizens themselves.

The nature of many of the challenged votes indicates that Spano is clearly not honestly concerned with fraud. He simply is on a search for technicalities that can disqualify his opponents votes. For example, the votes of poll workers who used absentee ballots even though they were not technically out of the county are being disputed (specifically democrats in Yonkers). Workers who are assigned to a polling place other than their own have followed this practice unchallenged for many years.

At least I know I voted for the better candidate. I just hope my ballot isn’t “lost” in the mail. Maybe there were too many ‘D’s in my party registration.

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