Monday, November 08, 2004

This guy actually took us seriously!

This was some guy named Pat's response to my immature rant about bush supporters being dumb:

Kerry failed! (1)Kerry failed because he was a hypocrite. Sneeringly said, "Bush wore his heart on his sleeve." Kerry in the last 4 weeks mentioned God as never before. He attended black churches every weekend - sometimes two in a day. Note phony tan, new $1,000 hairdo, camoflage utilities, carrying shotgun, and he suddenly learned to plaster a smile. When asked if got a duck(?) He said, "We got six". Again: Did YOU get one. "We got six." Don't want to offend PETA but NRA note my gun. (2)He was a liar. Only one of numerous examples: "I will Never forget; it was SEARED in my memory. I was going up the Cambodia River on Christmas Eve." Impossible there were concrete piers at the mouth and boats guarding it. Later, "Oh, uh, he was on a secret mission." His Commanding officer said. "Not true." He wrote his own reports for his 4 Purple Hearts, as evidently is allowed. "Reporting for duty" -my a-- (3)He voted against the 87 billion for troops needs. (4)He is an extreme liberal.

I dont know which is funnier; the fact that this guy actually took us seriously enough to post a comment like this, or his fourth point. Havent these people ever met an extreme liberal before?! Havent they heard of Nader?!


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