Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Film Festival Celebrating Good Ol' American Values

The first American Film Renaissance Festival (in Dallas, Texas, of course)will be airing a wide variety of films reflecting "pride, humility and appreciation for our great nation", such as Michael Moore Hates America. Supposedly these films will provide the counterbalance to all the shrill and unbalanced liberal hate media that has been flooding the market of late. Other features include but are not limited to: Beyond the Passion of the Christ, DC 9/11: A Time of Crisis (starring Timothy Bottoms as President Bush) and Michael and Me (another Michael Moore attack movie). No doubt the American Film Renaissance Festival will soon take its place in the international film community as the new Cannes.

(Personally, I cant wait to see M. M. Hates America, becuase mudslinging and attack documentaries never fail to entertain)


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