Thursday, March 04, 2004

New Bush/Cheney Adds Exploit 9.11

The commercial opens up with Bush sauntering outside the White House like he's bowlegged, I guess it looks macho or something. Then a voice-over: "The last few years have tested America in many ways...(Cue shots of jess plain folk and a house with an American flag waving majestically in the wind) "Some challenges we've seen before...(Cut to video of an old man with another American flag waving in the background) "Some were like no others...(Cut to video of gutted WTC buildings taken from inside a still standing structure with, you guessed it, another American flag majestically billowing)(Also note: This commercial has dramatic/somber piano music meandering through it, as well as artsy use of black and white and fadeouts.) "But America rose to the challenge...(Cut to video of what appears to be a very Hispanic looking man raising the American flag with his adorable daughter) "What sees us through tough times, freedom...(Cut to video of students in a classroom saying the Pledge of Allegiance) "Faith..." (Cut to video of kids running out of a simple church, that jess plain folk would go to) "Family and sacrifice..." (Cut to video of firemen.)
One thing is clear, George Bush definately supports the American flag.

"Safer, Stronger"
"January 2001. An economy in recession. A stock market in decline.The challenge: A dot com boom gone bust. Then...(Yes the commercial actually puts the word then followed by elipses on the screen to ramp up the drama) "A day of tragedy" (Cut to collage of pics of 9.11) (Also note: Then it oddly enough uses the video of the Hispanic gentlemen from the previous commercial, raising the flag with his daughter.) "A test for all Americans" (Cue video of firefighters, then little blonde children running, seemingly without a care in the world.) "Rising to the challenge" (Cue video collage of Bush giving a speech, steelworkers, the American flag, and more children.) "Safer, Stronger"

The stuff about the economy is a tad bit harsh. Yes, the economy wasn't as robust as it was about a year before Clinton left office, but it was in no way in a recession. Thats just not true.
Oh yeah, throughout this commercial, as with the other commerical, there is some really powerful music playing. Its like something that they played in Lord of the Rings when they surveyed the majestic mountains of Middle Earth, that didn't stop...ever... In closing, Bush is an ass.


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