Sunday, January 25, 2004

NYPD Changes.

The NYPD shot and killed another unarmed black male yesterday as he was using a rooftop as a shortcut to a birthday party. This is from the NY Times:
As the door swung open, one of the uniformed officers, who were patrolling in the dark with drawn guns, fired a single shot that struck Mr. Stansbury in the chest. He staggered backward and, as his friends ran, he descended, bleeding, down five flights of stairs to the ground floor, where he collapsed, the police said.

This is un-fucking-acceptable. They shot him without even assessing the danger the situation presented. They didn't call out to the 19 year old boy to freeze or get down. Now, people are going to say, yeah but everyone makes mistakes and what if the kid was actually a psychopath? Unacceptable. The police are only allowed to use deadly force IF NECESSARY to prevent harm to themselves or others. There was no risk assesment and they shot him in the chest. This truly is a tradgedy.


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