Wednesday, January 28, 2004

North Korea Pales in Comparison to the USSR.

In the USSR's heyday, compared to NK today, North Korea is a bunch of little bitches trying to sit at the adults table. First of all, it would be heresy to compare Kim Jong to Stalin, so lets not even entertain the idea. Stalin could tear Kim Jong in 2 with his eyelids. What kind of name is Kim anyway? Its a bitches name. Khrushchev would kick Jongs ass.
Have you seen NK's military parades? PATHETIC! The USSR could put on a parade to remember. They had hundreds of nuclear weapons rolling down their streets with thousands of soldiers, perfectly goosestepping. Again, NK is a joke. Their parades are pathetic. Kim Jong Il sucks. He wishes he was 1/5th the man Stalin or Khrushchev was.


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