Monday, January 19, 2004


When you don't do your homework, and decide to do it before class or have a paper and do it the night before, you tend to turn out garbage. What happens when a pundit does the same? Result is the same; a steaming load of rhetorical shit. He pulls out all the easy, but convoluted and wrongheaded charges against conservatives today. Read some excerpts from this whiny, stupid liberal who gives all liberals a bad name wrote today on

Let’s not mince words. Were Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. alive today, he would be at risk for being imprisoned indefinitely, without charges or access to legal counsel, as an “enemy combatant.”(1)
He would be decried, by powerful figures inside and outside government, as at worst a domestic terrorist, at best a publicity-seeking menace whose criticisms of America gave comfort to our unseen enemies.(2)
King would not have the opportunity to engage in repeated nonviolent civil disobediences. Media would be quickly bored by the spectacles; a nation accustomed to police violence against protesters yawns at the tanks, rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and “preventative” arrests now commonly used against those who employ the same tactics King himself once used. The felony charges against King would put him away for years -- if he were allowed to stand trial at all.(3)

(1) An enemy combatant? Why? Was he found in Afghanistan fighting against the United States?
(2) Now he's a domestic terrorist? What acts of terrorism would the non-violent King have comitted to become a domestic terrorist?
(3) Considering that they couldn't even jail THE black civil rights leader back in the 1960s in the south, its probably not likely that he could be jailed in this day in age.

Today, as American soldiers fight two major wars on the far side of the world, and the U.S. military wades quietly into a half dozen more -- all in non-white countries -- they’re more timely than ever.
Well, considering that the MAJORITY of the world is non-white, it seems more likely that wars would be fought in more non-white countries than white countries. And, as there are more non-white countries that are unstable than white countries (no crypto-racism here, its just the facts. Poverty causes a lot of problems) it makes it even more likely.

Instead of the FBI trying to bring him down, he, and most of his associates, would be prosecutable under anti-terrorism statutes. And the moral outrage of Americans, that made his work so effective? These days, we prefer denial.
The errors with this guys arguments are so egregious, it makes me ill.

Dr. King, nonviolent martyr to reconciliation and justice, has become a Hallmark Card, a warm, fuzzy, feel-good invocation of neighborliness, a file photo for sneakers or soda commercials, a reprieve for post-holiday shoppers, an excuse for a three-day weekend, a cardboard cutout used for photo ops by the same political leaders that wage wars and let black children starve.
I'm sure as a well to do white person, that Dr. King is a constant inspiration in the hardships you have faced. Its a good thing that you, sir, are alive to carry Dr. Kings message. And the comment about letting black children starve was a bullshit cheap shot.


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